Monday, March 5, 2012

Nails in the Ocean Blue Resin Ring

Via Flickr:
Nails in the Ocean Resin Ring by JenniferRayJewelry

A steampunk themed ring. Silver colored mini nails with a deep dark glittery blue resin background on a silver toned adjustable ring.

This resin ring is 100% hand crafted and unique. The resin, glitter and sparkle was especially mixed by me for this resin glitter ring. 100% original and one of a kind resin ring made by me. Each time this resin ring is created they are similar but because I make them by hand there can be minor differences.

The ring is 1" diameter and 1/4" thick that is glued onto a silver toned adjustable ring.

**This listing is for a ring that looks like the one in the first picture
**See web shop for other colors if available


Nails in the Ocean in Blue Glitter Resin Round: 1" (25 mm) diameter x 1/4" (6 mm) height
Silver toned adjustable ring: default is about size 8 US (about 18 mm)

Slight variations may occur because each item is genuinely handmade.

This can be purchased at:
Etsy: JenniferRayJewelry Nails Blue Resin Ring

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