Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vampire Bite - Blood Red Lips Necklace

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★★ Vampire Bite - Blood Red Fanged Resin Lips with Necklace ★★

For the love of Vampires! Bite into your loved ones and have them join you in the eternal life. This necklace is huge and will turn heads. It is a great rock and roll accessory for any occasion and anytime you feel like rockin' out! It is a bright deep glittery red color with silver fangs. This is a hand poured custom resin lip pendant hanging from a silver toned hanger with your choice of necklace with lobster claw clasp.

This pendant/necklace is 100% hand crafted and unique. The resin, color and sparkle was especially mixed by me for this pendant. You will not find anyone with this exact same pendant. 100% original and one of a kind pendant. The fangs where hand drawn by me.

The pendant is 5 cm (2") across and 7 mm (.25") thick that come with your choice of necklace of 47.5 cm (18.5") long with lobster claw clasp.


Glittery Red Resin Lips: 6 cm (2.25") wide x 4 cm (1.5") height
Necklace with Lobster claw clasp: 47.5 cm (18.5") length

Other necklace options available: Rubber in various colors with lobster clasp, silver plated snake chain with lobster clasp, as well as various colored ball chains with lobster clasp.

Slight variations may occur because each item is genuinely handmade.

This can be purchased at my ArtFire: JenniferRay or Etsy: JenniferRayCom webshops

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  1. what a clever idea, love the little vampire teeth!
    :nom nom nom: