Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pink Heart & Sterling Silver Chainmail Earrings

Bubble Gum Pink Heart Earrings - Resin and Chainmail Sterling Silver Earrings
Pink Resin Heart and Chainmail Sterling Silver Earrings

These hand made earrings feature bright rich sparkly pink hearts attached to handmade sterling silver chainmail chain with hand crafted sterling silver ear wires. The earrings have a lot of moment to them because of the chain the hearts are attached to. They are very light weight and with the extra long ear wires they will not fall out of your ears.

These earrings are also 100% hand crafted, each ring, ear wire, hook was bended by hand by me. The resin pink hearts where mixed and made by me. You will not find anyone with these exact same earrings. 100% original and one of a kind earrings.

The earwires are 1 mm (18 gauge / .04") this is a little bit bigger than what you usually see, but anyone with regularly pierced ears can wear these. I used the larger sized wire, because it fits the style of the earrings and gives them more stability and sturdiness. Most ear wires are .8 mm (20 gauge / .03"), so as you can see they are only .01" thicker which is almost barely anything, but does make them a lot more stable.


Pink Resin Heart: 22 mm (.87") height x 18 mm (.71") wide
Total Earring length with heart: 54 mm (2.13") length

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